Sarah Cornally – Systemic Intelligence Lab to explore Systems Dynamics – March 2016

You are warmly invited to join Sarah Cornally’s Systemic Intelligence Lab to explore Systems Dynamics in Organisations. The aim is to create an action learning laboratory, to explore and experiment with systems dynamics and mapping to discover ways of gaining access to systemic intelligence. We will be learning to move with uncertainty, to let go of the illusion of “knowing”, and embracing the genuine curiosity that prompts us to open ourselves to new possibilities.This is innovative work, being used in Europe and the US to deal with complex, difficult or stuck organisational issues. The work has to be experienced to be understood. This is to provide a low risk way to explore, experiment and determine it’s real value.

Some of the themes we will cover in these sessions include transitions and succession, mergers & acquisitions, major change initiatives, testing innovations/new directions/solutions, strategic options, responding to crises or traumatic events, addressing repeating patterns, divesting/downsizing, high turnover, restructuring, conflict, power struggles, bottlenecks, clarifying confusion, finding a good position for a consultant, selection issues, disentangling entanglements, exploring difficult decisions, career questions, preventing burnout and creating a healthy culture.

Outcomes include gaining a new perspective, having greater clarity and seeing new choices. The session will last for 2.5 hours and we will work with issues from the group. It is possible to do this work whilst maintaining commercial confidentiality. This is part of the beauty of the work. If you have an issue you would like to explore that is on the theme of the evening or another theme come along. The people who have issues on the topic will get first opportunity.

Session 1:  Thursday 17 March will focus on the theme of Exploring Difficult Decisions

I welcome you and interested colleagues to join a small group at the North Sydney Library. Please pass this invitation on to others in your network who you feel would enjoy learning about this leading edge approach to challenging systems dynamics.