Quick introduction to using Systemic Constellations in consulting and coaching

Dean Mason and Karen Tweedie, two organisational consultants from Melbourne Australia, speak about the ways they use Systemic Constellations with their clients. They each share their experience in introducing the work to clients, typical “issues” that constellations assist and examples of the outcomes they see as a result of the work.

Q.1 Have you successfully introduced systemic constellations to your clients?

Karen: http://youtu.be/6WarY9yBooE
Dean: http://youtu.be/vhv5Cmf68kY

Q.2 Are there particular issues that constellation work is more suited to?

Karen: http://youtu.be/kGzbXlxDVL4
Dean: http://youtu.be/8IjPrBr_mmM

Q.3 How have your clients benefitted from experiencing systemic constellations?

Karen: http://youtu.be/70wbNZC5Ld8
Dean: http://youtu.be/6TBY6bglRzw