Reflection on the Development of Facilitation Skills for Working with Organisational Systems Dynamics

The Academy of Organisational System Dynamics is a not-for-profit think tank for professionals interested in growing their understanding of system dynamics and how to incorporate the language and techniques into their practices. – Read More

Albrecht Mahr on Human Systems

Quick introduction to using Systemic Constellations in consulting and coaching

Dean Mason and Karen Tweedie, two organisational consultants from Melbourne Australia, speak about the ways they use Systemic Constellations with their clients. They each share their experience in introducing the work to clients, typical “issues” that constellations assist and examples of the outcomes they see as a result of the work. – Read More

Systemic Constellations for Business

In one of my recent workshops a fellow management consultant jokingly referred to systemic constellation work as ‘black magic’. It was in jest that he added the ‘black’, he is a huge fan of the ‘magic’ this work brings, but his off-the-cuff comment highlights the distance we have yet to travel. This powerful and incisive management tool is only beginning to enter Australia’s public and private corporate world. Yet in Europe it is commonly utilized by individuals, commercial and public organisations both big and small to address a myriad of issues. – Read More

Science on heritability of memories and phobias has application to organisations

I was drawn to a recent article in the Telegraph newspaper about how memories may be passed down through generations via DNA in a process that may even be the underlying cause of phobias. – Read More

Systems Awareness

Creating Organisational Flow

Bronwen Rees interviews Sebastian Green, Organisational anthropologist, on the work of Bert Hellinger and its application in organisational change. This radical approach offers us a systemic 21st century approach to organisational consulting. – Read more

More articles on Constellation Flow

Fixing the Fixes that Fail

A leader within a global corporation recently laughed when I talked about “sustainable solutions” in change management. Her experience was that she often needed consultants to fix things that went wrong after previous solutions had either not lasted or failed to deliver fully on their promise. She joked that we were all ” … on a gravy train of fixing the fixes that fail”. – Read more

Organisation Constellations: A Hellinger Lens for Viewing Organisation Relationship & Change


Drawing insights from the family systems therapy of Bert Hellinger, this paper develops this framework for enhancing our understanding of what is required for effective relationships within organizations.  The Organisation Constellation is the tool used in a one-on-one consultation situation as a method to reveal the hidden dynamics which operate within the organization.  This method is applied to a case study of a company embarking on change. – Read more

Organizational Constellations: Basics and Special Situations

This article looks at organizational constellations as an autonomous consulting method for initiating useful changes in organizations. The content of this article is limited exclusively to the practice of organizational constellations. For those, however, who have been working for some time with this approach, it is obvious that the realizations and insights gained through organizational constellations can be useful in longer term consulting projects with organizations and companies and can unfold good effects there (see also Grochwaik and Castella 2001.) – Read more

System Dynamics in Business & Organisations

Why Consider Systems Dynamics?

Systems operate according to fundamental principles. If these principles are observed systems will be healthy and energy will flow through the system in constructive ways, which enhances the life of the system. It becomes strengthened to realise its purpose, a healthy vital system. If any of these principles are compromised so is the system. It will then respond in a way that reveals itself, by the presence of disturbances in the system. This is a result of responding to the negative effects. This produces symptoms. It may be stuck or blocked, turbulent, inefficient, high maintenance, lethargic or resistant, revealing an unhealthy weakened or burdened system. – Read more